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RideHI presents SHINELIFE the ridehi mixtape vol. 1. Nearly a whole year of filming and partying in one easy to watch mixtape. featuring Tarrin “tbag” enrique, Jonathan “KJ” lau, Brandon fuggett, Nicholas Bahneman, and Brian Cox also including Taylor Viti, Joshua “jt” trey, Thomas ham, Corey nawatani, Mikey Rosa, Royce Ingano, Isaiah “carlos” Armbruster, Brad paul stevens, Randy Ingano, Mario colon, Jordyn Reindollar, Christian Jines, and Cuyler Yogi.
Hawaii bmx from the island of oahu.
DVD copies will be available for $5 with bonus including all rideHI HD videos as well as older hawaii bmx videos from the past few years. For a copy of the dvd send an email to If you want any videos, bmx, skate, whatever, to be posted on the site, send them to the same email.