silver Night Rider

The homie Ben Silver Left oahu recently, but not before stacking some good ol iphone clips of local street spots. Catch em flickin the wrists all over town, Wallows, Da Club, and Ewa in this dope video from the past few months.

Recently returning from injury the rider knowns as the night rider boosts some transitions over on the big island in this latest joint from the Volcano Skatepark.

Looks like @RyanMclain visited the big island recently and came back with a quick edit on some hawaiian concrete.

Shits getting real

Split Edit of The Homies Castle deering and Mario Colon doing their thang at millilani skatepark, manana and kapolei street. Dont let the chill vibe of the song fool you, theres some serious tech trickery in this short edit put together by castle all on his iphone

While most of the world spent their day behind a bbq, shane and crew avoided the crowds and traffic and spent the day exploring behind bars.

The RIDEHI maui affiliate wes came to town and done kilt shit as usual, but this time he made a video. Hes been uploading all of his videos to his Blog RIDEHI MAUI, go check out his video from castle birthday jam below and go visit the site to see all the happenings on maui!!