Easter Egg Hunt

Chambers, Brock and fam headed out to the BI for some easter weekend shredding. Trails were shralped, parks were shredded and Goods times were had all coming together in this quick edit!

Meanwhile back on oahu Profiles Ricky Moseley came to town and, along with Bikefactory hawaii, held a easter jam at manana skatepark. All the homies get down on this one! And if you wanna see more of ricky moseley, check out his part from the 2012 HUNT video contest.

Half-Baked Video Contest Round One

RideHI half-Baked video contest round one flier

Round One of the RideHI half-Baked Video contest is over and done with Castle Deering coming in first place and owner of 2 brand new Eclat Fireball tires and a ridehi Palm T-shirt. Chase Hatton also wins 2 new Donnasqueak tires for his 2nd place edit. Check out castles and all the rest of the entries below and check back for round two details coming soon!