Hawaii BMX Photo of the Month

The RideHI Hawaii BMX Photo of the Month goes to Brock with a boosted invert at Manana Skatepark shot by Ryan Cason.

Invert, Manana Skatepark Photo: Ryan Cason

Invert, Manana Skatepark Photo: Ryan Cason

“This photo was taken the better part of four years ago. Ryan and I were on a mission to shoot film for a secret project we’d been working on. This is around the time when I was shooting mellow shit on account of a knee injury, and I loved to shoot tabes. I don’t remember the time of day but the park is fuckin empty! What are the odds? Anyway I was dropping in from the sub to get some crip speed for this roast and was doing it pretty deece that day. As my luck would have it that motivational speaker of a photographer tells me to go higher and invert more. This is the result.

The clouds make the shot kind of ominous, and the lack of color makes the action pop. The fish makes it larger than life. Word to RC for this shot.”
-Brock DelaFontaine

Hawaii BMX needs more Quality Photos. Go out there and Shoot some.

Happy Honokaa

Take a break from your Holiday shopping and chill out with a session at the newly opened Honokaa Skatepark on the Big Island. Mad lines and (silly) flow from the boys over in Hawaii.

No Better way to make santa happy than to leave some freshly baked treats courtesy of Sean Parker. Check out the latest RideHI baked Dozen featuring Creative riding from Aala, Manana, Ewa Beach, and some downtown Street. This might be the PERFECT COOKIE.