Hurricane Survival Kit

RideHI has got All you need to survive hurricane ANA on this rainy sunday afternoon. Oscar and THE ZOO brings you a manana sesh from a Dryer and Higher time in his latest edit #Same Team.

Travis from Kaneohe brings you Linear: Kaneohe shot at the beautifully gray and always crowded kaneohe skatepark. Watch the intro and part one here, and check out his youtube to view the rest of the video!

Ditches are used to avert water around low laying areas to prevent flooding coming from the mountains. They are also used for the occasional skate contest. In this throwback video we have a skate contest at the infamous wallows ditch from all the way back in 1986.

Fall Holiday

Late last month Bobby of Diversion TV Hosted an Amazing BMX event that spanned the course of an entire weekend including a jam at petrie park in Kaimuki. This was more than just the average flatland jam as bike enthusiasts from all aspects of BMX came out to have a good time and share the Aloha. Check out his video from the weekend and i cant wait to be a part of the Next Aloha Jam!

Always on his grind, the Homie Castle bringing you some fowards and backwards madness from his recent riding with the bro Tiger. Featuring riding from Kapolei, manana, AMR, and the local flat spot, shout outs to the fakie suicide at 2:32!


Shane Sau5 Bau5 “AA” Anzai5 coming through with an edit for Red Label Clothing. Racing roots shining in this one shot at the Koko Head Dirt jumps as well as Manana, Kaploei, and street in Downtown Honoulu. Shane kills it on both the dirt jumps and the technical backwards freecoaster lines! The banger is a doozey!

Mix Plate Productions serving up a blallah of a edit welcoming Nolan Tyler to Hilos Oasis Skateshop. The new Honokaa skatepark gets a good session as well some good ol Big Island Street.

Fresh iphone5s footage from the west sides very own Waianae skatepark.

And finally, part one of video coverage from the 2014 State Championships held on sept. 6 at the Sandbox racetrack on Oahu. Stay tuned for part two!

Ride Hi is Hawaii BMX.