Speedy sand Tour

Royce is back at it with his second edit this week put together by randy a.k.a. randolo a.k.a randingo berry a.k.a. black guy. Doing it for Function Clothing.

David Kusumoto put together an inside look at the sandbox racetrack. Amazing shots coupled with good times are predominant in this one.

Last september i was lucky enough to tag along on the Dick Evans Memorial Road Bike Race around the island of Oahu. The race features 112 mile trek up and around the island with the winning time coming in under 5 hours and 14 minutes. For more information check out the Hawaii state Cylcing Associations facebook page.

Hi all the time

Been riding with Royce for a few years now and he somehow manages to always learn new tricks while still boosting higher than shit! Hit that play button and give him a follow @royce_rawr on Instagram

Chocolate Hash Slam

Me Love Cookies. Check out Cookie monster killing it with guest appearances featuring the $NDCO$ crew in their Chocolate Chips Edit.

Getting straight hashed out in kaneohe, Lil Kyler and crew session street around the winward and town side along with some park clips from kaneohe.

Bri Bri and crew in the first non-instagram slam on the island. Shout em out, he gets it done.