Schools out

Its summer. You know what that means. More rain apparently. In the meantime heres a bunch of new hawaii bmx and skate videos to watch.

Jason Parks new video part just premiered on the ride channel and its a doozy. So many tech tricks and manual links all over hawaii and california. Check it out jason is insane on a skateboard and an all around cool dude.

Connor treevisons and APB just released a 14 minute look into their world. Skateboarding from all over oahu filmed on random cameras, put together to a chill soundtrack.

Quick edit from the boys over at farmers market of a recent sesh/bbq they had at manana skatepark. Qucik clips from mario, kianu, royce, carlos, and even a helicoptor fly over of the entire park. Give it a watch, any new footage of hawaii bmx is awesome footage.

and finally a re-up of team farmers market streets of madness 2013 video from march of this year. I dont think it was posted earlier, so here it is now. Kianu did a great job with the edit and him, castle, brad, mario, and carlos all kill it. Riding from around downtown honolulu, manana skatepark, milililani, and even petrie in kaimuki and kalani high school.


Thanks to josh green bike no food porn monstah for this throwback thursday of team turbos video from streets of madness 6 (2012?). Such a good watch gets me stoked every time. The lines at wahiawa, manana, millilani, and makiki are all so good.

And with the throwback above, something to look foward to.

Coming next week or sometime.