Monday triple feature

Mondays suck. Unless you have 3 good bike videos to watch. In this case, this monday doesnt suck.

Team ETR from Millilani coming though with a lengthy first edit. Stoked on all the tomfoolery in this one. Nice to see everybody getting out there and filming a full edit! Keep em coming guys, way stoked on this.

Awesome music, amazing slo-mos, kapolei/manana clips, another great edit from randy, royce, carlos, mario, josh, and lil skating nigga. The music gave me a boner. Loving all the slow mo, watching these clips over and over again never gets old.

Wes, Dom and payton got together one night and filmed this rad bike build/shred sesh at kihei park in maui. Such a good vibe to this! Looked like a fun ass time.

rideHI. Hawaii bmx.