Streets of Madness 2013

2013 SOM 8 videos are up and ready to view. If you have never heard of streets of madness, once a year duane at bikefactory hosts a bike party where over the course of 36 hours, teams of 5 film and edit videos of their weekend. Each teams videos were shown at kings pub in waikiki this year, where pizza was ate, beer was drank, reggae was skanked, and prizes/awards were won. The whole event is a great excuse to hang out with friends and do what we love the best. Theres some bike riding in there too. Shout outs to Duane at bikefactory, Kings pub, All the sponsors Animal Bikes, Premium Products, the Shadow Conspiracy,Alienation BMX ,
S&M bikes , and Hale Nui Tattoos.

Stay Stoked
-Best overall
-Best trick (coreys ridiculous hang 5)

Team Kapahulu
-Best going HAM mode

Team Jenkem
-Best re-use of body excrements

First Try BMX
-Most Epic Soundtrack

Team Amature
-Best Ono Kine Grinds (Chee Huu!)

TEam Tiger Eyes
-Most exotic name
-Night footage=win

Team Boom KANANI
-Best Soundtrack

Team SandyBox
-Honorable mention
-first streets of madness with sandbox race footage=win

Note: I may have made up some of these categories.