Under the tree

Broken cameras suck. Filmed around Kapahulu and all over town prior to camera rupture.

Iphone skate edit from jason park.

Cannon club/makiki skate edit by treevisions. Such a treat great vibes all around. stoked to rewatch the full video uppercase when it comes out.

Skull candy video. Watch it. The stuff done at banzai skatepark is crazy.

Winter is Coming

Power hour in kailua at keolu skatepark. Good to see footage from that park, kailua crew killing it. Stoked to see brians part in the upcoming dvd.

speaking of upcoming videos, heres a trailer for edit of skull candys trip to hawaii earlier this month. What did drew bezanson,hucker and rob do here in one rainy week? Cant wait to see what the best ramp, dirt, and street rider in the world got done.

And heres a chill skate edit from 808skate. Chill vibe. And while we are at it, lets flashback to this

Almost that time for the next streets of madness! Ok not really, but still stoked on this throwback edit from the Kapahulu crew.