Mega Skate Trippin’

Anybody want to ride a mega ramp? Well now you dont have to fly to california to do so. Just book that hawaiian airlines flight to the garden isle. Well actually, you probably still cant ride the lightning that is the mega ramp. But there is definitely one huge ass mega dong sized ramp there.

This shit is seriously nuts and i think i might pee my pants if i saw it in real life. oh but soggy boxers is a dark path i am willing to take.

And on to other news, Some local dudes went on a plane a little further past kaui, all the way to cali/vegas and made this brocam edit.

RideHI roadtrip in the works.

RCs Blog Post

Ryan Cason has been shooting some good stuff lately. With a camera, not a gun, although someone out there should find a way to combine the two for both capturing radness/self protection in ghetto shooting locations. The homies are shredding hard and im stoked hes taking the time to share his photo passion and talents with the rest of us. Good to see some street shots in there as well!

Check out for some awesome photos of dudes getting rad!ย And trucks and such.

Also be sure to check out RCs Best Trick Contest page for details on an upcoming one day, best trick, video type of contest. Dont know the exact date, but its a rad idea and i cant wait to see who/what gets thrown down!

BMX hawaii the title of this video. Hickam, K-base, Keolu, waikiki. Out and about and a chill soundtrack=good times.

Shout outs to everyone who wants to share their riding experiences with the world via youtube, vimeo, facebook or however else things get around now days. Its super awesome people are willing to create something we can all relate too and gain enjoyment from. Emo moment aside, NOW GO OUT AND RIDE YOUR BIKE!