Sk808 shine.

Yeah it aint BMX but its hawaii and its rad so fuck it. Another rainy night means the grand post of skateboarding videos 2k12. Pretty stoked to see some homies do some shredding of local spots, as well as pros doing thangs how they do’s it. Straight killin it. i love watching these spots handled in different ways. And dont worry more bmx shit coming soon.

rainy night media broadcast

The homie from maui made an edit of all his recent shit. Check it out dude does some tech shit as well as blast some ramps. Super stoked on footage from that new park as well.

Also check out this older power hour edit from last year and see what goes down in an hour.

And in other non bmx related news, came across this today and was pretty stoked on it.


visiting shine!

Heres some slighlty older edits of when the united and verde crews came to town a few years ago. Boy did these guys shred the aina. Is it alright to use aina like that? Who knows. Its really awesome to watch both these teams ride any location, but to see them handle these spots is definitely a treat. Highlights include brian yeagle tearing up manana and banzai, T bag wet t-shirt contest, dave cobleton working on the UH flat rail, and corey martinez and nathan williams completely destroying the death ledge at mills.
United in 2009:

Verde in 2010: