Looks like Brian cox, Jordyn, Micah and the rest of the crew have been putting in work for their new mixtape titled YO! due out this summer. Riding from keolu, kailua, town and everywhere in between this looks like its gonna be a good one for sure!

every sunday the flatland troops of oahu go out to session and recently filmer Romano Ariels went out to capture the good times. This nights antics feature riding from all the homies on the familiar backdrop of the makiki district beetle nut courts.

Christian Kanda ripps around the millilani skatepark and a few street spots in his latest edit for $NDCO$.

The homie Romo put together a nice mix of some leftover footage sitting on his computer.

First Friday

Gage hooked up this edit from Brians birthday extravaganza this past sunday at keolu skatepark. Songs were sang, cupcakes were eaten, and everybody showed up to shred. Highlights include the aussie homie @adamhoughbmx roasted the big hip and a special birthday dance for the birthday boy.

the $ndco$ crew avoided the recent rain showers and thunder storms to hit us with their latest video with street and park from millilani

The Homie jason park has been killing it on the mainland but stopped back home long enough to film two awesome videos with skating from all over the island and his home park kaneohe playground.

#ridehi and big maui sesh

Shane has been back on his filming game recently and hooked up this quick edit of the homies shredding manana and millilani skateparks.

THe maui crew of Wes and Dom are currently up on the Big Island ripping up some street and skateparks. 808presents whipped up a quick edit from a sick session at volcanos indoor wooden ramp park.

Rice, Thrice, and how to roll a dozen

A Mixed plate of a post, this first video gives a taste of oahu skateboarding.

Flying from oahu to another island for four days, check out what some of the 808skate crew got a going on in maui.

Here Cuyler yogi demonstrates how he rolls up the big ones for t19 and bikefactory hawaii.

And finally the second batch of fresh baked clips coming through from the winward parks of kaneohe and the Kailua Rec.