Lost the password for the site for a few months and was Too busy riding the damn bike to find the password. Funny how having bmx on the brain can make you do that. But without further ado, RIDEHI is back. In blog form at least lol. Heres the latest videos featuring some locals with bmx on the brain.

From the Creative mind that is the YOGIC of All things comes a 3 minute look into his encounters on and off the bike over the past year or so.

An OG of the midschool hawaii bmx scene and one of my oldest BMX friends Shane Anzai is always on 2 wheels. This latest video follows shane on a fun day at AMR skatepark.


The first wave of videos from the 2016 streets of madness are in! If you know the contest, you know the drill, but if you dont, Streets of madness (or SOM) is a 36 hour video contest put on by duane at shootsbrah and bikefactory. During that time teams must film and edit a short video showing their weekend spent on 2 wheels which is then shown at a venue where it is judged by those who enter. Prizes were provided by this years sponsors: S&M, Fit, Merrit, Cult, Profile racing and free agent bikes. Below will be each teams entries posted as they are available.


Aloha Jam 2016 is right around the corner, happening on the 24,25, and 26 of June!! Get Ready for a BMX adventure with two wheeled friends from around the globe. Hit up the aloha jam website at www.alohajam.net and check out parts 1,2, and 3 of the video series from last years adventure!!

Four Four

Two videos from the wizards from the winward side. First edit features Reyn Honbo getting creative during some solo morning sessions at his home park kaneohe.

And the second is kaneohe native Jason Park doing his thing all over Oahu in his latest part for the Ride Channel.